Wishlist for IOS Conversions

Wishlist for IOS Conversions

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Fast Heinz
Wishlist for IOS Conversions

Not sure if you guys rely on customer feedback at all for conversation prioritization,  but I figured you can't know unless someone speaks up ... so here it goes. =) 


After Korea, my wishlist (in order) is:


1. Austerlitz 

2. Kavkaz

3. Finland 1918


Wishlist for Conflicts not covered yet:

1. Peloponnesian War  - Delian League vs Peloponnesian League would be great with your system


2. Age of Imperialism - similar to what is covered by the game "Colonial Conquest". - the WAW system could give much more historical flavor than the original game.


thanks for listening....

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Peloponesian War could be a good idea!


Yes Peloponnesan War would be outstanding

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Well noted. The current existing scenarios will be ported on iOS during this coming spring. It just takes an awful amount of time to adapt all the content to fit with the mobile and AppStore requirements.

As for the new subjects suggestions, feel free to work out a scenario design: just write down in paper what the sides would be, the units, the leaders, the scale, the various event cards and so on... that is the basic minimum to get a clearer view.

We need volunteers to study new content in depth, as our team is stretched to the limit with the various tasks on existing and ongoing games, so new ones can only move forward with external assistance...