What does this symbol in the terrain details window mean ?

What does this symbol in the terrain details window mean ?

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What does this symbol in the terrain details window mean ?

Please take a look at this screenshot: https://imgur.com/pg59OLS

What does the symbol and value marked with the arrow mean ? I see it only in some scenarios and only in enemy occupied regions.

Also i have another question, am i correct to assume that the black diamond with the number inside next to some structures is the "fortification value" ? What does this number actually do ?

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The symbol indicates that the region cannot provide supply to its current owner. The red number should not be displayed there, it is a bug that will be fixed in the next update of the game, as well as the tooltip for the "unsupplied" symbol, it is incorrect when this windows is displayed for a region.

The diamond shape is indeed the fortress class, i.e. the fortification value used in siege. The lower the number the harder it is to capture it by siege. A siege roll to succeed must make equal or less than the number indicated in the diamond.


Thanks for the answer. If i understand you correct that would mean that the side currently owning the region (in my screenshots the enemy AI) does not get supplys from this region but can still be "in supply" if the region is connected to a region with a supply source ? So basically all regions (for the most part) should display this except regions with a supply source attached.

But i only see this in regions currently held by the enemy. My own regions, even if there is no supply source there, never show this symbol.

Or should i just ignore this symbol as it should not be displayed anyway and will be removed with the next patch ?