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Towns give no defense bonus ?

Towns give no defense bonus ?

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Towns give no defense bonus ?

Hi. Im playing Bulge 1944 and it looks like most towns (structures) are not "fortified" and therefor no siege is triggered when a enemy enters this hex, just regular combat. From what i can see is that putting my units "inside" a non-fortified town/city is rather pointless since it offers no defensive bonus.

Is this correct or did i miss something ? What would be the benefit from putting land units in a non-fortified "structure" (town/city) ?

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It's correct. There is no benefit in a non-fortified structure. 

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This could easily be added. Creating for instance a new terrain, e.g. clear_with_town, or forest_with_town, that would give some special defensive bonus (either or +1 defensive fire, +1 defensive moral).  It was used for city regions in Spain 1936 for instance.


Yes that sounds like a good idea but can you create regions that are entirely surrounded by another region for example ? I tried it in the editor and it did not work.