Installation of a scenario

Installation of a scenario

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Installation of a scenario

Hello team.

So far I had only purchased waw scenarios from Steam.

Tonight I purchased Spain36 on your website.

I downloaded the setup_waw_spain36 file. But when I execute this file, an installation screen of the whole Waw game appears and asks where I want Waw installed on my computer. I went a bit further and stopped before the computer created a second Waw directory in the middle of my scenario directory.

What should I do ?


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Hello. I have checked it out, it works ok. The issue is that the installer "descriptive" text is misleading, as it makes you believe that you are installing the whole game and not only the scenario. We will investigate how to change that.

When you instal via the installer, and you want to place the scenario on your Steam scenario folder, select the custom path to be as follows:


and that's it...

For instance, on my PC (hard disk is F, folder where ALL my Steam games are is SteamLibrary), it is: F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common




If you are afraid of doing something wrong, do as follows: extract your game (using the installer) to a totally new/empty folder. For example: C:\Test

The installer will create in this folder a series of  repertories as follows: C:\Test\steamapps\common\WAW\Scenarios

The you go to the Scenarios repertory, cut the Spain1936 folder from it, and paste it into the folder where you have your WAW Steam scenarios...

and you can destroy afterwards the Test temporary folder...


NB: on peut vous ré-expliquer tout cela en français si vous le souhaitez...



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Thanks for this prompt answer. I chose the second method.

Sure, French is quicker but I felt that other players might be puzzled as well. :-)