Hastings 1066 Bug Report

Hastings 1066 Bug Report

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Lucas Slavik
Hastings 1066 Bug Report

Hi there

Just some bugs I found in Hastings 1066:

1. SAX_Negligence_and_Unpreparedness_Card cannot used, has wrong conditions (Saxony card, but condition is 'player side has to be vikings')

2. SAX_Storm_at_Sea_Card connot used, no phase to play defined

3. In my last game with Saxony, enemy William the Conqueror was inside London (which he had conquered before). I besieged the city, won. Norman stack inside got disbanded according to the rules, inclusive their leader (which was Willy in this case). 

Normally Normandy should be defeated now since leader William is dead, but this didn't occured. Game just continued as normal.

I believe it's becasue the trigger 'if william dead then lose game' only checks if he died in battle. If William is disbanded during a lost siege (or, I guess also during lack of supply), the trigger seems not to trigger.



Portrait de Strategiae

Those issues on the cards are fixed for the next update that will take place at the end of the month.

As for the 'death' of William, indeed the engine only considers the deaths in battle for now...you could see it as William being captured and later ramsoned (so not a final end of its hope to claim the english throne, kind of)...anyway, this is something that we shall acertain for the next fixes too.