Game cannot save

Game cannot save

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Game cannot save


I have just bought the game, and I'm trying Korea 1950

Yesterday, about in the middle of the game, I saved (apparently in a correct way), but today the save there is not....

I'm failing something ?




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Did you try to just do "continue" will start the game where you last stopped (unless of course you did another one in between, as 'continue' loads the last played game)

If you play on steam, the saves should be there : ...\steamapps\common\WAW\Saves

Otherwise, on non steam version, saves are in the Saves folder inside the WAW repertory.



thanks for your prompt reply

Menu permit "continue" only after the scenario selection, but start a new game again....

I have not found any dir "Saves", I bought the game directly in your shop, I have not the Steam version

Apparently, the game is not able to save anithing

For example, does not save the settings of sound/music, too

My PC is a laptop Asus with W10 Pro

I wait for your reply

Thank you very much,



I've encountered the same issue of not being able to save games. I created a Saves folder under the WAW folder. When I click Save it lets me name a game and shows it as saved, but when I try Load Saved game there are no games listed.