Differences between levels of AI

Differences between levels of AI

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Differences between levels of AI

It's not written in the rules but whats is the difference in details between the 3 levels of AI : nob, volunteer and expert.

Does the behavior change really or there is just some malus on battles for human player (or bonus for AI) ?


I was wondering this because I played some games with AI as "volunteer" and often she lost her armies with lack of supply (big armies surronded by 1 unit in each province).

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We have authorized the AI to make more errors at the lower levels (hence what you see when she loses armies to supply), and be more careful at higher levels. But being more carefulf means probably few of those incidents as you noticed, but also less "bold" moves, which is not always a good thing in scenarios where the AI can only win by taking risks (e.g. Japs AI in Malaya 1941)