Next Update! The big One!

Next Update! The big One!

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Next Update! The big One!

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A major update will take place next week on Wars Across the World! Stay connected!  Un major update aura lieu la semaine prochaine sur Wars Across the World !

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Main Additions

- Fog of War added
- A Summary Phase added to give you details of previous player(s) turn
- A Battles details summary window has been added to the battle reports
- Combat factors of units may now be different in attack or defense.
- Units panel now has button to show the differences in combat values (domains, attack vs defense)
- The Unit panel will automatically adjust to the size of the stack
- When you did not move any unit in a phase, a confirmation is now required (to avoid skipping a phase by mistake)
- A new button has been added on the stack panel to allow easy split of units in stack


Other main improvements and fixes
A long list, below

    *** IMPROVEMENTS ***
    - (Aerial Defense Movement) Regions that can be defended are now colored in blue.
    - (AI) Improved performances.
    - (AI) When AI send air units in operation, units with the exact same mission now move together instead of one-by-one.
    - (Battle Results) The list of battles now display the leaders for each side in each battle.
    - (Battle) Added battle summaries to the battle lists.
    - (Battle) Added support for Anti-Cavalry Units.
    - (Battle) Air units are not taken into account anymore to determine wether the big battle bonus (+3VP) is attributed to the winner.
    - (Battle) Battle phase titles are displayed for a longer duration which makes them easier to read.
    - (Battle) Combat units and leaders can now have a different combat factor depending on wether they are attacking or defending.
    - (Battle) Fixed broken localization of « Morale » in battle screen.
    - (Battle) The icon used to represent hits is now an explosion instead of a skull, which was confusing.
    - (Battle) The leaders are now chosen among leaders in the stack AND leaders transported in the stack. A leader who does not have the ability to move at sea can now command a naval battle if he is transported in one of the ships.
    - (Camera) When AI is playing, the camera position and zoom is automatically reset after all battles/sieges of the current turn have been played.
    - (Cards) New effect allows to forbid one side from performing hostile moves agains another one.
    - (End Game) Added Laurel Wreath to side flags to better show who has won the game.
    - (Income) Clearer layout of income details.
    - (Info Window) When a structure is displayed, its full name is used as the window title instead of its short name.
    - (Info Window) When a unit is selected, it’s icon is now displayed in the title bar instead of being displayed in the background of the unit properties, which decreased readability.
    - (Localization) On first launch, the game is automatically set to the language of the system it runs on if this language is available in the localization. The setting can then be manually changed if needed and is remembered correctly on next launch.
    - (Localization) Improved message when user tries to draw a movement that requires more movement points than available.
    - (Main menu) New "Contact" button allows to send an email to the game developers.
    - (Main menu) New "Privacy Policy" window.
    - (Map) Added an indicator that a stack has popped up from its hots (structure or transport stack).
    - (Map) Decreased size of the active border zone that activates camera movements.
    - (Map) Implemented per-scenario Fog of War, with option in the main menu to disable it.
    - (Map) It is now possible to move the Map around even at minimal zoom factor, so that its borders are not hidden by UI elements.
    - (Movement) Added a confirmation message when users presses the next phase button while no movable unit has been moved.
    - (Movement) Added explicit message when user tries to move a stack to a region it is not allowed to enter by the scenario.
    - (Movement) Added support for one-way connections between regions : it is now possible to design maps where some region boundaries can only be crossed in one way.
    - (Movement) For movements where only a part of the moved stack is able to make it to another region, a red warning is displayed to the user in the movement message. This helps avoiding unwanted splits that can leave the player in a bad situation (eg. with a leader alone that cannot get back to its troops).
    - (Movement) Improved error message displayed when a stack containing only leaders and support units tries to conquer a region (this is not allowed).
    - (Movement) Improved some messages indicating that the movement that the player is trying to start is not possible.
    - (Movement) New button in stack viewer allows to split the current stack by creating a new one containing selected units.
    - (Naval Battle) Added support for two-round naval battles in scenarios that require it.
    - (Purchase) The Stack viewer is automatically closed when the phase begins so as to avoid it overlapping with the purchase toolbar.
    - (Purchase) The size of the toolbar is now initialized depending on the number of available units (with a min of 3 and max of 7).
    - (Saving/Loading) Improved layout for better readability of saves details and added localization of scenario names.
    - (Scenario selection) Fixed layout for scenarios with a long name.
    - (Sea movement) Admirals are no longer allowed to enter a sea region if it does not contain any allied unit.
    - (Sounds) Added sounds when the the player's card hand folds/unfolds.
    - (Stack Management) Stack viewer now has a dynamic size allowing to leverage screen space.
    - (Supply) Added per-scenario support for longer survival of units that are not supplied.
    - (Supply) Stacks made only of supply units no longer consumes supply units in unsupplied regions.
    - (Tooltips) Improved position and behavior of tooltips.
    - (Transportation) It is now possible to load a unit with zero transport cost into another unit with zero transport capacity
    - (UI) Added camera and window animations when a siege is selected to be resolved.
    - (UI) Changed Player Hand Background : we now display the card back with transparency.
    - (UI) Improved behavior of windows that present a clickable list of elements that highlight a region (eg. battle list, siege list). Now the window is minimized when an element is clicked, instead of being faded out (which confused some users).
    - (UI) Increased size of units dragged from stack viewer and purchase toolbar.
    - (UI) Increased readability of details displayed when the player needs to select elements (units, stacks, regions, structures) on the Map. If this selections comes from a card, the name of the card is now displayed.
    - (UI) It is now possible to click/tap on phase titles to close them faster.
    - (UI) Removed confusing arrow on a button in the End Game windows.
    - (UI) Improved layout of turn start window.
    - (UI) The stack viewers have been updated throughout the game’s UI to allow to switch between attack and defense combat factor, and between air/land/sea combat factors.
    - (UI) Units displayed in stack viewers, battles and sieges now have an icon displayed if they transport a leader. In particular, this helps choosing damaged units in sea battle if the leader is transported in one of the fighting units.
    - (UI) When an alert box is displayed to the user, pressing the Return key no longer activates the Next phase button.

    *** FIXES ***
    - (Aerial Bombing) Fixed bug where using air units for strategic bombing would permanently increase their combat factor.
    - (Air defense movement) Fixed bug that allowed to perform defense moves along a path containing regions that were not connected.
    - (Air defense movement) Fixed bug that allowed to perform defense moves much longer than allowed by the units' move range.
    - (Air defense movement) Fixed bug where regions containing enemy AA units or fighters in their airport were displayed as defendable while they are not.
    - (Air movement) Fixed a bug where an Air unit that received a panic during its mission (e.g. during AA interception) was able to start another mission immediately.
    - (Air movement) Fixed bug were battle detection was not performed after a missed interception test in the last region of the movement.
    - (Battle) Fixed a bug where battle losses were not properly counted on both sides, often resulting in the defeat of the real winner.
    - (Battle) Fixed a bug where a battle was continually started in the same region even though no opposing forces was present.
    - (Battle) Fixed a bug where incorrect victory points were displayed at the end of a battle.
    - (Battle) Fixed a bug where the game would stuck in battle when trying to distribute panics to Air and Land/Sea units at the same time for the same player.
    - (Battle) Fixed a bug where units would retreat in a Region with a difficult Terrain and create a situation with an excess number of units.
    - (Cards) Fixed a bug where a Card played during a battle could be left in the battle position for the rest of the game instead of being sent back to the deck or definitively discarded.
    - (Cards) Fixed a bug where a selected card would stay in the middle on the screen when user goes to the next phase.
    - (Cards) Fixed a bug where cards designed to kill targeted units could kill other units.
    - (Cards) It is no longer possible to play a card that supplies a stack if no stack is currently not supplied.
    - (General) Fixed several situations where the number of units was not correctly calculated for taking into account the difficulty of Regions.
    - (Hidden units) Fixed a bug where no battle was started when a stack discovered hidden enemies in a region it owned.
    - (HUD) Fixed bug where the flag of the side’s main nation was used in place of the side’s flag in the top HUD.
    - (Income) Fixed a bug that did not allow a card to modify the regular income of a side with a negative percentage (such as « Merchants greed » in Hamilcar 264 BC).
    - (Income) Fixed a bug were Structure income values were not properly loaded when launching a saved game, resulting in the Structures never giving income for the rest of the game.
    - (Information Window) Fixed a bug where the title of the information window was not correctly updated.
    - (Localization) Added missing localization and fixed typos.
    - (Map - Region owner display mode) Fixed a bug where the color of regions was not updated after the region owner changed.
    - (Map) Fixed a bug where side flags were displayed on a sea region after a battle.
    - (Move) Fixed a bug that allowed to add more Units than the maximum number in a Region with a difficult Terrain.
    - (Movement) Fixed a bug where moving through a region containing enemy units that should have been overrun would not actually overrun them.
    - (Movement) Fixed a bug that allowed Land or Sea units to use region connections that are only allowed to Air units.
    - (Movement) Fixed a bug that could create duplicate units when moving stacks containing units with no move points left.
    - (Movement) Fixed a bug where drawing movements too fast could visually move the stack while it actually remained in the origin region.
    - (Movement) Fixed a bug where moving a stack into a region would not correctly detect the possible siege that this movement may incur.
    - (Movement) Fixed a bug where the "next phase" button would not show up after playing a card in movement phases.
    - (Purchase) Fixed a bug that allowed to purchase the same unit several times.
    - (Purchase Toolbar) Fixed a bug where dropping a unit on another unit that can transport it would remove the dragged unit from the bar, it was no longer possible to purchase it during this turn.
    - (Sea movement) Fixed a bug where "overrun" would be displayed when planing a movement but not applied when the movement was actually done.
    - (Sieges) Fixed a bug where a retreating naval stack would not create a blockade while all conditions were fulfilled.
    - (Sieges) Fixed a bug where siege bonus of besieged units was applied in the wrong way.
    - (Sieges) Fixed a bug where some sieges were not detected by the game in scenarios that require blockade to besiege ports.
    - (Structure Info Window) Removed useless icon displayed on top of the Airport icon.
    - (Structure Info Window) Fixed a bug where moving a unit between two transporters would destroy the moved unit.
    - (Supply) Fixed a bug where loading a save made during the Supply phase would reapply unsupplied penalties, thus killing the unsupplied units immediately.
    - (UI) Fixed minor layout issues is windows with scrollable content.