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QoL Improvement

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Lucas Slavik
QoL Improvement

Hi everyone!

I've noticed following: It seems (for me) to be very hard to get used to the ruleset. This baseically due the reason, that I do not have everything (every rule active) in the different scenarios.

E.g. I only have 'Heavy' units in every sixt scenario I play. This way, everytime I have to remeber how the ''heavy' rule' works and forget it again until I play again a scenario with it active. 

Due that, I always need the manual if I want to play a few rounds WAW... Which is on the long term not really good. I always loose since I forget about some important rules :D (Ohhhhh, -3 moral? why? ah... damm, forgot about this and that rule)

Or: Which value was what? I know theres movement, moral and attack. But I which is it? If you play WAW only around once the week, you really have to handle such problems :P


What this problem would be remove instantly: More tooltips. If you move over the 'heavy' symbol, show a small window with the most necessary info about that rule. Move over the unit's moral points, show 'Movement Points'.

That would be a great, then even casual players can easy start a match WAW after long time without read the manual again.


what you think? 


Portrait de Strategiae

This is a good point and it will come some time in the future, but at the moment there are much more pressing issues, such as completing the various elements for a nice PBEM reporting system. But your suggestion is noted.

Lucas Slavik

okay, good to know :)

WaW is already a great game, but it's very epic to hear there are more updates planned!