INNSMOUTH 1928 Scenario on Steam?

INNSMOUTH 1928 Scenario on Steam?

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INNSMOUTH 1928 Scenario on Steam?

Hi all,

Is there any way for me to get the free Innsmouth 1928 scenario for WaW on Steam? It's not in the list of DLCs on Steam itself, and if I try adding the scenario to my cart on this website it just says I have nothing in my cart and I can't see any way to download it.


Oh, I tried again and it worked fine this time, I could download the installer. Can close this thread :)

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How'd you get it to work? I tried 3-4 times and kept saying nothing was in the cart.

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Sent it to you by WeTransfer

Lucas Slavik

I have the same issue, would be great if you can post how you fixed it.


By the way, it would be even better if we get the scenario via Steam @Devs ;)

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It worked well for me. I have done a short instruction document (pdf) that you can download from here. I am using Firefox.