Carrier Battles 4 v1.05

Carrier Battles 4 v1.05

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Jonathan Abbott
Carrier Battles 4 v1.05


I'm really enjoying playing the game, here are a few things I have noticed:

1. In the Midway scenario the victory points for 'Midway Operational' always stay with the USA even if Japan destroys all the runways and captures the island.

2. The game sometimes crashes at the end of a scenario, after you see the victory points and try to go back to the main menu. I had one white-screen hard crash where I couldn't even ctrl-alt-del to the task manager, I had to hold down the power key to switch the laptop off.

3. A very important thing for every CV and airbase is knowing how many air units it can move (e.g. from deck to CAP) each phase, but the only way to see this number is using the tooltip in the air management screen. I suggest this number is clearly displayed on the air management screen, not just in the tooltip.

4. If you turn clouds off on the map, sometimes a few reappear.

5. If you set a new autopilot target for a TF, usually the old yellow flag autopilot target is still shown, so you get lots of yellow flags all over the map.

6. Unless your TF contains a CV, the only way to see the TF number is to zoom right in on the map. It should be shown when you click the TF to see the details.

7. To see how far apart two TFs are you have to count hexes on the map. It would be useful to have a method to see how far away a TF is, to make it easier whether to launch a strike against it or how long it will take to get to it..



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Hello Johnathan,

1. The VP are immediately grabted even if the iarbas egets captured.  They are a historical incentive for the Japanese to attack and neutralize the airfield as soon as possible

2. This issue has taken so many shapes.... Try agian with latest patch

3. To be seen. The screen is laready well filled

4. Will chekc this

5. Should not be the casE. will re-test

6. The TF info is just a minor info. That is why it was displayed on the counter. You also get it on the right)click right ?

7. Yes it is asked by several players. Haven't found out yet how to best indicate this range

Thansk for you feedback Cyril