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Welcome to Libertadores Beta Forum.

During the next days we want to release the first scenario for the beta test, keep posted here.


Thanks. / Gracias.

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OK ready!.  


Can't wait!  The wars of liberation in South America is an entirely new field for computer games, so far as I know.

Portrait de MiguelST

I have uploaded the first version to Steam rigth now, and asked for beta keys. 

Once I have the keys will do a brief test and send you your keys. 

I hope steam send them fast.

Portrait de MiguelST

Game is uploaded to Steam, LIBERTADORES BETA version will only be available on Steam

please ask for your key sending an email to contact@headquarter.es


In the email subject: Libertadores beta 

tell me inthe email your user here in the forum for my own internal control and following.


LIBERTADORES BETA First version 27-12-2019

Things that still are under development:

Music (there is no music yet)

Rules (just the firt 4 pages of an underwork version)

Scenarios: only La Plata 1810 is available right now

Windows: some windows are not new, you will find B4S windows (like in Options, or Battle details) we are working on that

What I want from you in this first version:

- Check the English version. Native people will find some of my way of speaking weird so we can change that, mainly in cards.

- Bugged cards (the expected effect doesnt works)

- Missing texts (in cards, units,,..)

- Balance (specially regarding resources), you should play at least 15 turns to see this.


I know that as there is no manual many people can find hard to undersrtand how the game works so please feel free to ask.

I will add here more information ragrding new features like Land Battles, Sieges or sea battles.


thanks for helping with the beta test!