Personal data

Personal data

1 To process its orders, Avalon Digital manages some of the client’s personal data, those identified as mandatory on its website.

Avalon Digital can therefore collect and retain information on its users when some action is taken by the latter on the website, such as (non limitative list).

  • Purchase of Product
  • Subscription to an automatic mailing list (our Newsletters),
  • Contact Avalon Digital or an affiliated site
  • Participate in a game or competition
  • Answers to a poll
  • Register on our forums

1.1 Avalon Digital pledge to keep confidential all data provided by its client on its website and to deal with them, since May 25th 2018, as per the EU Settlement 2016/679 from EU Parliament and Council dated 27 April 2016, relating to the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR), cancelling directive 95/46/CE.

Avalon Digital, whose customer’s service can be reached by mail at and is represented by Stéphane PARRIN, is responsible for the data processing of the above-mentioned database.

Each User has a right to access, modify, change, correct or suppress all data relevant to oneself (as per law "informatique et liberté" of 6 January 1978).

Each User may exert its individual right to access the file, to oppose, correct or suppress data of one’s concern. It can be done either directly via self action on the « My Account » space on the site, or in written mail to Avalon Digital (indicating the email, name, first name and street address), either by email to or by postal surface mail sent to: Avalon Digital - Service Client – 91 Impasse du Château d’Eau – 42740 LA TERRASSE SUR DORLAY - FRANCE.

Depending on the choices validated when creating or checking its Customer Account on the website, the User shall indicate if he agrees to receive from Avalon Digital and/or its partners the commercial or promotional offers by email, concerning products equivalent or similar to those purchased. Personal data can in such a case be used for advertising purpose. The User may at anytime indicate that he no longer wishes to receive such offers by clicking on the relevant link in all mails and newsletter sent, or by modifying the relevant information on the User account at

 This request may also be sent by simple postal mail to the above street address of Avalon Digital.

1.2 Avalon Digital pledges not to divulgate personal data of any kind without express permission from the User, or under particular circumstances. For instance, Avalon Digital may be forced to release confidential information when such a release is necessary or mandatory for the identification, arrest or legal pursuit of any individual liable to harm or damage the rights of Avalon Digital, any User or other third party. Avalon Digital may be legally forced to divulgate personal information and cannot in such a case refuse to comply.

Also, in order to process physical delivery, User personal data can be divulgated to our shipping partners.

1.3 The Avalon Digital website has been designed to answer Users needs. In particular it uses cookies, with the purpose to indicate passage of Users on the website, as in the case of creating the purchase cart.

User may consent or oppose usage of cookies on the hard disk of his computer by configurating his navigator as follows:

 For Mozilla Firefox:

  • Choose « Tools » menu;
  • Click on « Wipe my traces » icon ;
  • Select the « cookie » menu and select all options that are convenient.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  • Choose the « Tools » menu, then « Internet Options » ;
  • Click on « Confidentiality » ;
  • Select the desired level with the cursor.