Following the launch of our recent ‘Halls of Montezuma’ game.




  • (Main Menu) Added a News widget on the game's main menu to keep players informed of SGS series news.
  • (Structure) Some structures now have a per-move domain limitation of the total stacking value of the units they contain.
  • (Structure Info) Sea/Air stack container is now hidden if the structure is not a port/airport.
  • (Entrenchment) Moving an entrenched unit inside a structure or a transport unit now removes its entrenchment.
  • (In-Game Options) Save name input field now allows 48 characters.
  • (Right-click movement) Now all regions are greyed out except those were the selected stack can go.
  • (Map) Clearer message when a movement is prohibited by a Card or Event.
  • (Info Window - Regions) Improved layout of miniatures. Fixed a bug where the Stacking limit number displayed was always 6 when opening the window for the first time without right-click.
  • (UI) Many little UI improvements (cards, events, save/load entries, etc).
  • (Stack Containers) Added Strength Points display.
  • (Stack Containers) Added display for Stacking Value or Transport Costs, including Region/Structure/Host limits.
  • (Stack Containers) Icon for number of units if now adapted to the move domain.
  • (Info Window - Units) Added contextual information on unit list entries.
  • (Unit Tooltip) Decreased min font size for description and auto-description texts.
  • (Unit Tooltip) Transport capacity is now displayed in a more natural way (loaded / max) instead of (available / max).
  • (Localization) Greatly improved Portuguese translations (thanks to Francisco).


  • (Battle) New assault system allowing to attempt an assault on besieged fortresses, i.e. a battle against their garrison + regular units inside.
  • (Battle) Added settings for inter-rounds pause duration and dice animation speed.
  • (Battle) When a port is taken by an enemy, sea units now have a chance to escape to their base port, it this one is still free and if there is no blockade on the port taken.
  • (Battle) Globally increased the probability of panics.


  • (Sieges) Removed automatic VP for successful sieges (was: +1 for besieger, -1 for besieged).
  • (Sieges) For some fortresses, the chance of successful sieges now increases with the number of attempts (scenario feature, may not apply to all fortifications, only the strongest).
  • (Sieges) Overcrowded fortresses now have a greater risk of falling.
  • (Sieges) The possibility to besiege a fortress is now conditioned by the total strength points of the besieging forces instead of the number of combat units.



  • (Map) Fixed bug where the icon indicating that a structure is a VP objective became too small when zooming in.
  • (Map) Fixed bug where supply state stripes were impossible to hide.
  • (Stack Viewer) Action buttons (such as Entrench or Split) are now disabled during movements.
  • (Movement) Fixed bug where arrow indicating AI move would not disappear after the move is over.
  • (Movement) Fixed incorrect battle detection when moving land units into a region with a not-fortified structure containing units unable to fight in Land domain.
  • (Right-click movement) Ensured that it is not possible to launch a move during another one.
  • (Right-click movement) Fixed bug where some regions were incorrectly not accessible through right-click movement.
  • (Right-click movement) Fixed bug with mouse cursor when moving stacks located close to their region border(s).
  • (Localization) Fixed missing localization for entrenchment in Unit description popup.
  • (Information Window) Fixed bug in display of Resources for Regions and Structures.
  • (Video player) New video player component to fix play issues on older OSes.