Release of Morat 1476

Release of Morat 1476

In November, WAW revisits the Wars of Burgundy in the late 15th century with Morat 1476, the famous epic battle between the army of Charles the Bold and the Swiss’ pikemen phalanxes.

You will command the modern and balanced, although smaller, Burgundian army, as well as the troops from its ally Savoy, to take control of the Duchy of Lorraine and then, possibly, of Switzerland. 

But the Helvetian cantons and their allies from the Holy Roman Empire won’t let you do that quietly and will mobilize their infantry-heavy forces to halt your expansion. 

In this scenario, the cards will show even more influence than usual (as you will have the funds to buy more than your usual allotment), in particular in the typical diplomatic intrigues and backstabbing of the era (among which the attitude of the devious French king Louis XI). 

Available tonight. Enjoy wink