New version 17/04/2020

New version 17/04/2020

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New version 17/04/2020


I have just uploaded a new version of the game and two scenarios, Bolivar and Mexico.

So there are three scenarios right now to be tested but there are no changes in La Plata.

This new version fixes some bugs with cards in Bolivar and includes minor improves in the game.

thanks for testing!



Acabo de subir una nueva version del juego y dos escenarios. Bolivar y Mexico.

Asi que ahora hay tres escenarios para probar, Bolivar, Mexico y La Plata.

Esta nueva version arregla algunos fallos en cartas del Bolivar y también incluye algunas mejoras en el juego.

Gracias por probar!



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Just started the Mexico scenario. I am learning so much about South American history. I thought I knew a lot, but I was wrong.

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Same happened to me these last years ;)


Ambrose Bierce said that God sent wars to teach Americans about geography!  A much more peaceful way to learn about geogrpaphy and history!