How do sieges work ?

How do sieges work ?

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How do sieges work ?



I am familiar with sieges in WAW, but in Mexico scenario, I as Patriots was besieging Mexico city and some different things were apparent.

I had 3 dice rolls.

All of them failed.

My units suffered hits

- what determines the number of dice rolls ? and what is the number needed (it was not clear in the interface) to succeed ?

- is it WAD that besieging units suffer hits ? (no problem if it is so)


I guess I just need to understand the rules...

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I do have a guess on this as I have watched several sieges. I think ther is a high number which needs to be hit and artillery helps meet this number as do troops. But like you, I have mostly had failures unless I had a very large force and a tiny defensive force.

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I will explain it here:

There are four rounds. We take into acount the number of life points of besieger (NFA) and the same for besieged.(NFD) plus some factors as artillery present in the besieger, if there are Siege artillery, if its a port and its blockaded, the Fortress Defense Factor.

If NFA  < NFD then there is no combat round buth can be random losses on both sides.

If NFA > NFD  hay rondas de combate. On each round you roll a die (D10)


- Fortress Level

+1 if its port and blockaded

+1 if there is artillery besieging

+1 if there is siege artillery besieging

+1 if the city is not port

+TF of the attacking leader

-TF of the besieging leader (if there is one)



1,2,3:  the attacker loses one life point

4 attacker and defender lose one life point

5,6,7,8 no Effect

9,10: Defender loses one life points

11: Defender loses two life points

12+ the Defender is eliminated.


Casualties are always suffered by Infantry and cavalry units




you mention D10 but I see what appears two D6 ?


(PS: the dice graphics are rather poor, compared to those of WAW)

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Yes, you see two dices but it works from 1 to 10, so no issue at all, could be weird I agree.

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I am also conducting a siege of Mexico. The first turn there were several rounds and I got to click on the dice each round. The siege went on though.

The next two turns I haven't even had a chance to click on the dice, just a message that the siege had failed.......

Is this WAD?

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Missing text on the message on these failed sieges is something about "Low_step".

I think the siege is failing because there are now more defending elements present than attacking ones

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I think so. I have to work on the siege window to give all the information to the player.