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Game play comment

Game play comment

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Game play comment

I do enjoy the map, movement and combat of this game, but I have some concerns as a player. Often it seems I just watch decisions made by the game unfold. For instance, in a battle I cannot actually play the card it just gets played.

I would like to see more player choices in many phases of the game.


Agreed that the player should have control of the battle cards being played.

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I tried to simulate the commanders taking decissions, so a commander with higher tactical value could play cards more frecuantly than a lower tactic commander.

Maybe could be added as an option, what do you think?

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I too think the player should be able to play cards.

What about a limit though. Limit the number of cards you can play to either how many stars the general has, or his moral factor.

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There are no much cards tio play normally but sound like a good idea that regarding the rank/tactical level