Artillery Fire

Artillery Fire

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Artillery Fire

It looks like artilery doesn't always fire in a battle. I had a battle in Potosi on turn 1 and the artillery fired. Turn 4 I have just had a battle in Puno and the artillery didn't fire. No mention of it at the beginning of the combat reports anyway. The terrain graphic for both regions is the same, mountain, not alpine, so there should have been artillery fire.

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I will add more info about terrain effect in a tooltip over the terrain image

Both regions are alpine, artillery should not fire there

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I think all the mountain looking terrain needs checking. Some is labelled as "Alpine", some as "Mountain".

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The use of mountain artillery is very frequent in this war. The use of artillery is very important in Mexico and Peru (specially where there are forts of guerrillas). 


- Battle of Cerro de Pasco (see OOB)

- Battle of Cerro El Sombrero (see OOB)


PD: on the contrary cavalry is the queen in the jungles and tropics, and the artillery was much less useful (or nothing).

Battle of La Puerta 1818 (see OOB)

Battle of Carabobo (see OOB)