observations on first completed game

observations on first completed game

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observations on first completed game

Commonwealth vs AI

-- no obvious bugs encountered until the very end, with the possible exception of cards that should have been playable but never were - see other posts; fun game and will be more fun with a better AI, interesting situations and decisions, immersive detail, unit/terrain/battle data well-presented, definite replayability

-- the UK air unit caused a lot of damage to Japanese air units over many turns, until it was finally destroyed about turn 10; seemed excessively powerful or really, really lucky and ahistorical

-- Japanese bombing seemed very weak and ineffective.  Every turn it would attack Mount Gough and Fort Stanley with no damage

-- AI never took Shin Mung Redoubt, although it made many attacks with large stacks

-- AI did not make any attacks the last 3 or 4 turns, although they were in position to do so

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I have seen that too. Will improve Japanese air force and reduce a bit the Buffalos. A lot of AI issues come from the supply range, which is probably too short for a game of this scale. Will enlarge and beef up the Japanese AI on that.