after 15 air attacks on coastal battery ...

after 15 air attacks on coastal battery ...

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after 15 air attacks on coastal battery ...

I did 15 consecutive air attacks on Stonecutters Island.  5 bombers.  In every case I got two hits by the AA on my bombers, and zero hits on the island AA or coastal battery. 

I conclude that it is not possible to destroy a coastal battery by air alone.  The battery must be destroyed by a land siege or an assault.  Correct?


If that is correct, then it is impossible for the Japanese to ever cross over onto Hong Kong Island, as the majority of coastal batteries are there,and the Japanese need to destroy a majority of the coastal batteries in order to use the sea crossing boxes.

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Yes, this is correct for now, because the bombers can hit the coastal batteries. I need to change the way this is done, I will try another solution that requires more changes in the way the batteries are presented.