UI suggestion (right-click to open a menu of options for TF)

UI suggestion (right-click to open a menu of options for TF)

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UI suggestion (right-click to open a menu of options for TF)

Most PC users will expect to have some sort of right-click functionality when dealing with task forces.

Rather than forcing them to left click on a TF, then click on the Air Ops button along the left side of the screen (which made sense when this was a touch app in iOS), it would be much more efficient to simply right-click on a TF and then have a menu of options (such as Air Ops, Set Autopilot, etc).

100% of your PC wargamers will expect this UI convention, and will be surprised if right-clicking doesn't do anything.  In just about every PC wargame, you right-click on your units to give them orders.

Check out something like Armored Brigade or Command: Modern Operations.  Your customers will be coming from PC wargames like this (and many others, with very similar ways of doing things).  While the current way of doing it isn't bad, you will open yourself up to criticism that the game is "just an iPad port" if you don't use the right mouse button for something.


I think Condor is spot on with his comment above. And a good one to consider.

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I agree the right-button is quite handy 

The question is what will you put here ?  It has to have a real added-value imo

The left-click already proposes the whole details and actions and you have to see the details before chosng your action For instance, select the CV befroe entering Air op, check the airstrike composition or target before deciding a change of target or tactic

Alternativly, we may offer more details/help on counter characeteristics (AA, Air to sea, endurzcne, etc..) so that the beginner does not have to check that constalty in the rules