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Newcomer feedback

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Newcomer feedback


My very first impressions.

As a ,newcomer to the Carrier Battle system I'm (1) totally and hopelessly lost without a tutorial. I can't really provides gameplay feedback until I get one. And (2) I'll focus on the interface and the first impression, because I'm the perfect guinea pig for that.

So without further ado...

1) The game is a mix of French and English. It should be English for proper testing (and I'm French!)

I have loaded the first tutorial with Port Moresby and some recon to do. Ok. Let see what's going on!

2) Zoom in and out feels reversed to me.

3) Zoom level is too high, you should not allow the player to see these low resolution islands. Stop it at a higher level OR redo the map ;-)

4) I get a counter (sky blue color) with a CV silouhette. Nice. (a) First 'knee jerk' reaction for me is to move the mouse over the counter. I expect a tooltip. What is this counter? Please give me TF number and list of ships. (b) I expect clicking on it do something. But nothing. At this point it means to me you can't interact with this counter.

5) Scrolling speed is not right. By that I mean it should not stay at the same absolute speed whatever the zoom level, but it should adapt to the zoom level and be calculated in screen pixels, not map pixels. Right now if you scroll while zoomed out, you move at a glacial pace. It should be relative to the zoom level...

6) ESC key should be a valid mean to close all screens. That's bothersome to have to click on a button.

7) Mouse scrolling to the left of the screen does not work.

Oooh, " mouse grab scrolling" works, and works well'. Cool. I just discovered Port Moresby is accessible :-)

8) Same remark as for the TF. No tooltip, no interaction on Port Moresby. Not expected, others games don't do that.

9) Conduct naval move button does nothing. Why? I have a TF at sea. Not clear.

10) I click on 'Operation aérienne sur les porte-avions et aérodromes'. Which should have been translated, really. Unless most testers are French... I get 2 TF listed.

10a) Why Port Moresby is not listed? The button says it allows performing air op with airfields too.

10b) I should get a visual clue on where each TF are located.

You need an 'asset browser', as with others strategy games. Click on a TF, it lists what is there. You should have a back/forward arrow to jump to another TF, with the map focusing on it.

I'll stop there. The game looks promising, but it needs, before any gameplay work, to have at least a semi-decent UI which is following how others strategy games are set up. Or you'll just lose a ton of customers because players are impatient. Average evaluation time on Steam is 2 mn. Past this time, if a player is not half at ease with a game, he might refund.

I appear critical, but that's because I have backed up this project and want it to succeed, and I'll revisit it once the UI has been improved with tutorials that would allow a player without prior knowledge of the game system to understand what's going on.

In the meantime, cheers :-)












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Good points, duly noted, will push that to the dev guys