Why WaW is not as good as Blocks

Why WaW is not as good as Blocks

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Why WaW is not as good as Blocks

On the surface WaW is a not as sophisticated game as Blocks. But Blocks is more realistic and more fun to play.

The basic problem with WaW is that in most cases there is no limit on stacking. Despite many bells & whistles, if you get most of your units into 1 big army, you can blast your way through your enemies. Blocks, limits the number of units that can move that can move through a connection and also has limits on how many units can be supplied in an area. This is more realistic and forces a need for maneuver (which is more fun anyhow).

Curiously, the Fog of War rules actually makes the problem worse. If you can see your opponent, you can try to block his mega-army with your mega-army or maneuver around it. With fog of war, all you can do is make a big stack and head for the objectives. A good comparison is the TripleA computer game (which works like Axis & Allies), where mega-stacks are tempered by the need to cover large fronts.

In modern warfare, the problems of WaW are exacerbated. There is no limit on airpower and if airpower is concentrated every air unit fights with full effect, blasting any enemy position. The modern-period Blocks games both limit how many air units can be an area and prevent air units from completely destroying an enemy.

I hope the Avalon Digital eventually licenses some of Columbia Games' more modern games such Bobby Lee or Pacific Victory. But Avalon Digital also should learn from them and make WaW a better game.


Thanks for the comments. The WAW team will probably make them inside the WAW2 version of the game when it comes.

If you take the SGS games series (Winter War, Afrika Korps), those parameters are already incorporated


I am looking forward to WaW2. WaW is potentially a great system

Krzysztof Biernacki

I agree that blocks are more intresting but also with bugs and impropely implanted some rules from original version what is not to accept for fans of original blocks.


What Blocks game are you referring to?