Steam Keys?

Steam Keys?

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Steam Keys?

Hi --

I purchased the 2017 bundle directly from Avalon Digital / Strategaie.

  -- it would be nice to have this purchase recorded in steam

  -- the main reason is to ensure that scenario updates (for example, the recent updates) are automatically applied  

Would it be possible to generate steam keys for DLC purchased directly rather than from steam?


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Our scenarios are updated here, you can re-download them. This said, I understand this is more convenient for many people to get Steam keys.

For now we are not equiped to process them, we need to investigate the different workings before implementing them


It's not easy to really know about WAW. You should have a clear message about it.

  •  Is this a computer game? (we have to guess it, but we're not sure they are the computer part of a boardgame)
  •  How many players? Is there an AI? Only and exactly 2 players are alowed?
  •  What is the protection politic? Is this DRM-free (however with a key-code), is Steam or its Workshop compelled (to DL the game, patch it, mod it, ..)
  •  No patch are shown, so we imagine it's a Steam game, the game is patch through 3rd party software
  •  Are the DLC really are so, or they don't need a base game (not said on their pages), and which?

Maybe since long I'd have bought the game if I was set about all this


Okay so I bought.

It is to be said the game is made to be played 1 (there's an AI) to 4 players, if the scenario allows.

The protection is by a classical serial number, but there is still a "kind of DRM" as we're told allowed to download no more than 6 times (1 from just bought, and 5 by our account) the game and each scenario (even the free). I know 6 times would suffice, but some may have no luck and has to reinstall its system too much often. Too, I know who wants a drm-free game means it is the responsability of the customer to keep secure his files.

It seems, if we want, to use in no way Steam or other.

Many informations are already written in some thread or scenario pages, but they should be put more trivially shown to the future customer..