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PBEM Games

Willing to start any scenario? any side? I have most of them...at least 1 turn per day for sure.

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I'm agree to start a pbem game.

My adress email for starting a game : christophe.henry(AT)orange.fr

I have 30 scenarios


Hi. I am new to Avalon. I prefer strategy wargames from Napoleonic to WWII.

Would you like to PBEM? I can do one turn per day or more.

Name a scenario & side - I will buy it.

Thank You

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Hello Michael, would love to play with you in PBEM. Any scenario of your liking in the period you said is OK for me. One turn per day is fine to me too.

I just bought myself the Spain 1936 game, which is impressive and big. Also purchased here the Nordwind 1945, nice little one in the spirit of Bulge.

Name any other you like, I got them all anyway....

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If anyone is interested, I'd like to play any scenario (most of them in any case).



Hello Holon.

I'm here. I Play what you want. Spain 1936, Imjin, Sixily 43, Caesar 58, Estonia 1918, Burma, Nordwind or any scanrio you'd like to play !