What are the Sound & Music Folders for ?

What are the Sound & Music Folders for ?

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What are the Sound & Music Folders for ?

Hi !


Each DLC has a Sound and Music folder but they alwys seem empty. what are they for ? Can i put custom battle sounds or music in them ? in what file format (mp3, wav) and with what filename ?




Hi Wiggum

Those folders are indeed there for the games where there are some custom sounds or music. For instance in Normandy or Innsmouth there are some extra Musics (and custom battle sounds for Innsmouth). Both must contain OGG format files (otherwise they are not read by the engine).

Most of the time the scenarios will play the extra music if you add some there in OGG format.

For the extra or custom sounds (also OGG format) it is not the case, as they need to be "assigned" to units or scenes via the editor. For this you need to contact us.

File names don't matter.


Hope this helps...


Thanks. Is it possible to modify existing modules ? For example to change the names of units (some units in Bulge 1944 have strange names) and add custom sound files ? Thanks.


Yes. For names you can tweak them directly from the localization file also, this is faster and easier