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Lucas Slavik
Switzerland 1937

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Excellent !!! 

Lucas Slavik

Thanks, hope you will like the finished product :)


Lucas Slavik

Hi everyone! I proudly present my first WAW scenario: Switzerland 1937.

Based on my unfinished & unpublished Novel 'Eternal War', it's an alternate history scenario about a Civil War in Switzerland. For the (more or less complete) alternate Timeline, check the post below.

The Scenario features 2 Sides, the Government and the Rebels.

  • The Government can field Police units and the regular Army as well Communist Militias or Wehrmacht units.
  • The Rebels main troops consist of Militiamen and irregular, but army grade equipped Free Corps. The right-wing catholic rebels are supported by a French organization of White Exiles, the Corporate State of Austria, Liechtenstein and Italy.

The cards decide, which Intervention Forces you get. Some of them are mutually exclusive, e.g. the government can ally with the Comintern OR with Nazi Germany. Most Interventions adds various amounts to the TI (Escalation). If the Escalation is too high, all neighboring Nations will intervene which leads ultimately to WW2 – and a loss for both sides. This TI systems make it necessary to decide very wise which Intervention you need/accept. After you accept the help of Austria, the Tension becomes eventually so high that an Italian Intervention will end the game. Maybe you want to provoke WW2 since your side is losing & do not want the enemy to win? Both Sides has always to watch the TI to not end the scenario, but both sides profit from a high TI.

The completely different starting situation make the game experience for both Sides very unique; while the Government has to handle low morale and decentralized Units, the Rebels has no supply or funds available and have to secure a better position before everything else.

  • One of the most uncommon places for a Strategy Game: Switzerland
  • First non-fantasy alternate history scenario for WAW
  • 2 Sides which plays very different
  • Around 20 cards per Side
  • Handcrafted high quality Map and Units by Strategiae, some slightly edited by myself
  • Realistic OOB for the Swiss Regular Army: Not the mostly used WW2 OOB (Truppenordnung 1938), but the at this time active one (Truppenordnung 1925).

I hope you like this small scenario I've introduced.  Screenshots below.

Lucas Slavik

Eternal War Timeline: 

(Just alternate history events - events not mentioned occured like in real world history)

  • 1917, March: February Revolution, Ukraine declares its Independence
  • 1917, November: October Revolution in Russia
  • 1917, December: The Congress of Soviets in Kiev is formed as a counter-government to the Ukrainian nationalist-democratic Rada
  • 1918, January: The Tsentralna Rada is crushed by Red Forces, the Communists take over Ukraine. Communist Coup in Finland and following Civil War. The Moldavian Democratic Republic declares its independence.  
  • 1918, March: With White support, the Ukrainian Nationalists recapture Kiev and reinstall the Rada Government. With the Peace of Brest-Litovsk, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania become independent.
  • 1918, April: The Tsentralna Rada is overthrown by a pro-White autocratic regime under Cossack leader Pavlo Skoropadskyi. Bessarabia becomes part of Romania.
  • 1918, May: General Mannerheim defeat the Reds in Finland. Finland becomes an independent democracy.  
  • 1918, December: After the retreat of the Central Powers, Poland declares its independence.
  • 1919, March: The AZT is founded as an organization to smuggle White refugees, state capital and valuable art from Russia to France.
  • 1919, April: The White Forces can't hold the Volga frontline any longer and have to retreat into the Ural Mountains.
  • 1919, July: After a successful counter offensive, Koltchak's Army regains control over the Volga.
  • 1919, September: Without Central Powers support, Skoropadskyi can't hold his position. The Tsentralna Rada takes over the government of Ukraine again.
  • 1919, December: In Turkestan, the last Turkish Red Army is defeated at the Juzkuduk Fields. Chinese Troops enters Mongolia and occupies the Nation.
  • 1920, January: Whites Forces advances to Syzran, Saratov and Penza.
  • 1920, February: With a large scale offensive, the White Forces try to break though the lines and take Moscow by storm. Chinese Troops advances to Tuva an occupy it.
  • 1920, August: Encircled by strong Red Divisions, the White Forces in front of Moscow have to start a loosy retreat.
  • 1921, February: With suffering from War Communism and War Exhaustion, the Reds suggest a truce.
  • 1921, April: The White movement, weakened by the defeat at Moscow and divided by different aims, start negotiations with the Soviets. A peace treaty is signed. The USSR arises from the Russian SFSR, the Belorussian SSR and the Kirghiz ASSR. In the Region controlled by Koltchak, 'Eastern Siberia' arises. On the Volga Banks, the social-democratic 'Free Siberian Executive' is created. The State of Turkestan is formed from Bukhara, Khiva, Kokand and Ashgabat. In the Caucasus, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia becomes independent. The independent Ukraine is recognized. The City of Arkhangelsk become an independent, British-sustained City-State.
  • 1921, May: Ukraine is shattered. Anarchists, the Tsentralna Rada and White-supported Skoropadskyi fight for supremacy. Because of the bad economic situation and high war exhaustion, the fighting stops periodically. Still, the war remains unsolved up to 1936.
  • 1921, Autumn: An undeclared war starts between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the control of Nagorno-Karabakh. After the Russian Peace Treaty, the AZT tries to influence European politics to wage a new great war against communism.
  • 1922, Spring: Various uprisings in Mongolia overthrow the Chinese rule. Mongolia become independent again.
  • 1922, Summer: Supported by the USSR, Communists seize power in Mongolia. China can't hold its control over Tuva any longer. Mongolian-Russian forces defeat Chinese garrisons, Tuva become and independent Communist state.
  • 1924, Winter: Beginning of an extensive cooperation between the AZT and the Action française.
  • 1924, Spring: Because fighting with Azerbaijan lead to a disastrous economic situation, Armenia suffers a Communist coup. Soviet Troops under the command of Sergo Ordzhonikidze intervene in Ukraine and occupy the Donbass.
  • 1927, July: After the murder of Asset Abdrakhmanov, the Kirghiz ASSR declares Trotsky as the new 'Revolution Leader' and supreme Ruler of the USSR. Stalin inculpated Trotsky as counter-revolutionary and mobilized his loyal army commanders. The Red War breaks out. The 16. Army, which occupied the Donbass, is moved back into Russia to participate in the Red War.
  • 1927, August: Ukrainian State's Troops regain control over the Donbass.  
  • 1931, April: The last Trotskyist Armies are defeated. Stalin secures his power and becomes the undisputed leader of the USSR.
  • 1934, May: After the Civil War in Austria, the 'Eidgenössischer Bund' is founded in Switzerland.
  • 1934, June: Start of the 2nd Russian Civil War. Soviet Troops attacks at the same time Ukraine, Eastern Siberia, Turkestan, Arkhangelsk and the Caucasian Republics. Europa is shocked by Stalin ruthless' warmongering.
  • 1934, July: Romania and Italy starts a combined intervention in Russia. To carry out the intervention, Romania leases the region of the Danube Delta to the Italians, where they build a large military base.
  • 1934, August: France sends several Units to Southern Russia. England gets military access in Persia and moves units into Turkestan to support the local government against Communism.
  • 1934, Summer: In the face of the 2nd Russian Civil War, anti-communist and fascist movements gain massive popular support all over Europe.  
  • 1934, September: Romania retreats its Intervention Troops to Transnistria, but stays on foreign soil.
  • 1934, October: After heavy losses, the French Intervention forces is withdrawn from Russia.
  • 1934, Autumn: Soviet forced defeat the main army units of East Siberia. Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan unites under Kornilov to face the Red threat.
  • 1934, December: Riots in Palestine. With the redeployment of Troops from Palestine to Turkestan, riots escalates very fast.
  • 1935, July: Radola Gajda founds a Guerilla Movement in Siberia and declares to fight until death. He is quickly accepted as new supreme leader of Siberia.
  • 1935, Summer: Large Parts of Palestine are captured by Rebels and become de facto independent. In Cyprus, emerging nationalist guerillas defeat the English garrison and seize control over the northern part of the island. Soviet troops advance deep into Siberia, the Siberian Government nearly collapses.  
  • 1935, September: Great Britain retreats from Turkestan to relocate its troops to Palestine. Because of the situation, Britain reintroduces conscription.
  • 1935, October: Shortly after its foundation, the Belgian Rexist Party starts an extensive cooperation with the AZT.
  • 1936, February: The ultra-right Iron Guard coups in Romania. King Carol II. is forced into exile. His illegitimate son Mircea is crowned as King Carol III.
  • 1936, April: The fascist Government of Romania declares War on Bulgaria. The League of Nations imposes sanctions against Romania, but they are ineffective.
  • 1936, June: The Army coups in Bulgaria, far-right-nationalist Officers takes control.
  • 1936, October: Bulgaria is defeated and become completely annexed by fascist Romania.
  • 1936, December: After clashes between national socialists and right-wing Catholics in Switzerland, the leading persons of the catholic 'Eidgenössischer Bund' are arrested.
  • 1937, January: The Eidgenössische Bund accuses the Government to side with the Nazis. Supported by several radical organizations, especially the AZT, the Bund starts a revolt. The Swiss Civil War breaks out.   
Lucas Slavik



Lucas did a wonderful job on this mod, and it was extremely pleasant to assist him in the creation process. Bravo !

A product page has been made for the game (here: https://waw-games.com/en/dlc/switzerland-1937 ) and it will be released after some extra beta testing...

Lucas Slavik

Thanks you very much for these kind words! It was very nice to work with you, I can only praise you for your big effort. 

It wouldn't have been possible to do this scneario without your help :)

After release I will do a little pause for sure; but I guess I will do at least some more scenarios in the feature.

Lucas Slavik

After some test games I decided to do few minor changes/bugfixes.

Here the chagelog for RC2:


Switzerland 1937 1.00.00 RC2


  • Card 'Austrian Intervention' can now only played when escalation is 1+
  • Card 'Alliance with Liechtenstein' can now only played when escalation is 3+
  • Fixed a bug where one Austrian militia and the Liechtenstein militias didn't get the 'Religious Zeal'-Card-bonus.
  • fixed a bug that the 2nd strike card couldn't canceled
  • one of the two smear campaign cards (rebels) will now be removed from the deck after play to increase chances to get more useful cards in late game


  • Fixed a localization issue that the rebel cavalry was shown as '1.' Instead of '1. Kav.'


  • Added some additional AI profiles for the Government


  • The Government Fortresses now have 4 hit points, but lose 1 CF when damaged


edit: Added some missing changes to the log

Lucas Slavik

with the todays release of Switzerland 1937, I want to thanks ll of Strategiae and Avalon Digital for the great support, withoit them, it would habe been never possible to finish this project!

merci beaucoup a tous!


For all you folks here, I hope you enjoy Switzerland 1937. If you run in any problems, have a suggestion or bug report, please post it here or send a email to

A steam release is planned in january/february 2019. I work already on version 1.10.00, which should be ready on steam release.

the new version will come with more specialized units (different defense/attack values supported with new WAW enige) and some additional units like militarized police or rebel milita in divisional strenght. On the top of that, I plan to add few more cards any many new unit pictures (E.g. more historical accurate uniforms for swiss army and more varying militas).

I hipe you like the Scenario so far and wish much fun by playing it!



You welcome and bravo for the impressive job done !


The game looks fun but I can’t get to rules from the scenario info button


Lucas Slavik

Hi, thanks for the reply. I think this is because the scneario was created before the last big engine update. Have to check this out and will fix it ASAP.


The scenario hangs when the summary screen for the first rebel turn comes up.



Yes, I suppose this is because the scenario was made before the new features were implemented and the version of the editor did not include the Summary stuff. Will fix that tonight and upload a new version tomorrow. In the meanwhile, to continue playing, you can de-activate the Summary phase in the options


Thanks for the swift action and the tip!



Just tried it and turning off Summary in the options does work.

Lucas Slavik

Strange, I have downloaded the regular relaesed version from the shop to check it out. 

I can play the scneario without any problem when deactivate the summary. But maybe only because I use the devs version of the game? Sadly I don't know where the problem is, but Strategiae will find a way to fix it for sure (since he has acess to all the game code; I just have acess to the scenario files).

Lucas Slavik

After release, the community & we found some issues to fix.

Here's the chagelog for 1.00.01:


Switzerland 1937 1.00.01


  • Fixed an issue that the Foreign Nation flag wasn't shown correctly


  • Fixed an issue that the ingame info button did not worked


  • Fixed an issue causing a CTD when playing with activated battle log


I'm not sure if the update is already online, if not, it should come very very soon.