New Armada and other things

New Armada and other things

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New Armada and other things


I really like this game system.  I hope to build some scenarios.  I was wondering what the feeling was about constructing an entirely new Armada 1588?

Naturally it would have a different name (such as "Enterprise of England") ,a different focus and more elaborate mechanics.  For familiarizing myself with building scenarios, I am starting with a less ambitious scenario -- the revolt of Megabyzius against Artaxerxes I in the Levant.  Since it probably happened in the confusion of the 450s, I'm situating it arbitrarily in 458 BCE and including an Egyptian revolt and Athenian assistance (a detour by one of their many unsuccessful expeditions to Cyprus in that period).

Yours, Mengjiao 


Hi Mengjiao


Indeed, it is entirely possible to redo and improve Armada into something new (different time scale, more sea zones, units, cards...). It is very easy to do and you could use some of the elements that already exist of course. We would gladly help you on this too.

Feel free to ask all needed questions to get into this. Also write directly to our production specialist in case you need assistance (use ). There are some interesting videos also on Strategiae YouTube channel on how to use the editor (in French however)

I love your original subject, a thematic not yet done...




I've looked at the videos.  Long ago my French was okay and hopefully not useless even now.

In the Egypt 458 BCE scenario, I'm going to be testing the functionality of some things I think a revision of the Armada might need:

1) Differnent "Winds" and "tides" as aerial assets used by the opposing forces (so the "West Wind" would be a powerful aerial asset used by the English)

2) Different AA assets used to counter the winds ( eg. Sweeps (oars), Anchors, prayers and Sails)

Of course in 458 BCE in a revolt against Persia, the aerial assets would be slightly different (Omens, Libations, Magi as well as the usual winds and sandstorms) and the AA would be "courage" and "sweeps."

Another thing worth noting for the Armada is that there were only about 30-40 fully armed warships (Galleons, Galleasses, Galleys) on each side.  Moreover, there is a lot of information about most of these major ships.  Each major ship can have a unit in the game.  Since the battles were mostly fought by squadron (eg. Recalde vs Drake on day1 off Plymouth), the stacking can be limited to that engagment size (about 10-15 vs 10-15).

Finally (for the Armada), mechanisms to provide buy-in (plunder by Drake simulated by capturing small production points at sea and similar point captures by the Armada to get Parma to buy-in and have troops and transports ready).  The point would be in around 14 daily turns of naval battle to get enough points to begin to get Parma across into England.  The entire land campaign would not be part of the scenario -- only the set up of a potential crossing for Parma.  Of course some land forces would be involved, but no full-scale land battles.


Looks good, only for one point, the current engine limits the max stacking to 6 combat units, not more. So it is full stacking, or 6-max...nothing else (your idea about the 10-15 ships per sea would thus not be applicable). I like the other ideas.


I might be able to get things to work in that frame, but an intermediate stacking limit or a range of stacking limits would work better.  Given that the Armada of 1588 was a relatively big and complicated battle, I might do another preliminary scenario.  Maybe something with an Ottoman fleet where I can test the following idea for representing squadron command: the squadron commander (imagined as being in the smaller, faster vessels -- zabras, or patache or pinnaces) would be an "aircraft carrier" with "aircraft" representing special manoeuvers such as "sails","towing" or long-range gunfire.