Franche-Comté 1636 (in English)

Franche-Comté 1636 (in English)

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Franche-Comté 1636 (in English)


I'm glad to announce the early work of my first scenario for WaW, called Franche-Comté 1636. Coming from Franche-Comté region in France, I wanted to share with everyone interested the history of that area of France, which basically didn't belong to France in early 17th century, but belong to Spain (there was a treaty of neutrality).

The scenario takes place in 1638 and lasts in 1646, and corresponds to what we call "Ten years' war" (la Guerre de Dix Ans). This war is part of the well-known Thirty years' war, when Kingdom of France invaded Burgundy and so Franche-Comté area, to extend is power until reaching Switzerland border. Many important events took place during this period, like the Siege of Dole by Prince of Condé, or also the Bernard of Saxe-Weimar support which led to many battles and sieges of France-Comté fortified cities and castles.

Repelling assaults was hard for francs-comtois (Franche-Comté citizens) due to a lack of forces but some so-called extraordinary army was rised against France to protect the cities and their citizens. Other courageous people, like Lacuzon, defended also many places and striked back. Unfortunately, there was also high amount of plague and lack of supply, and sometimes tricky events allowed to resupply, like big diversion to allow people harvesting their land... But at the end, we estimate that 60% of Franche-Comté population died during that sad conflict.

This war ended in 1646 due to the Regency of Anne of Austria (Richelieu died 2 years before, then Louis XIII as well). A peace treaty was signed with Cardinal Mazarin, and Franche-Comté remained under the Spain flag (for a few years, because later Franche-Comté was invaded again and nowaday this region is part of France).

So my scenario will allow to discover this quite unknown war, part of the most global Thirty years' war, and I really hope you will enjoy to play and learn more about it!

I started to work on that scenario a few days ago, with some reflection on this thread (written in French, I apologize for that, it was easier for me to start the project in my own language). But now it is more concrete, so I wanted to share with the maximum of people loving WaW  and history. That's why I prefered to restart the official thread in English. I would like to mentioned also that the scenario will be translated in English of course.

As a first step, please have a look at the map I created this week (see below).

Alright! That's everything for now! Feel free to comment, suggest, etc... that's also important for me to have feedback ;-)


To Be Continued...

(last update: 19/08/23)


Great idea and great work (I read it on the French presentation). Looks like it lacks region. The big region of Vesoul will be a 'blocking point' and the game won't be fun as there is not enough room for maneuvers. Check the Morat 1476 game on similar size


Thank you a lot. Yes, for the regions, basically they represent historical bailiwicks in France-Comté. Maybe I could divide Vesoul area in 3 parts, called something like "Vesoul - Est", "Vesoul - Ouest" and "Vesoul - Sud"? (for keeping historical bailiwicks)


See final map above!


I'm glad to announce that Franche-Comté 1636 is completed and will be definitivly launched on December, 9th.

Hope you'll enjoy this scenario taking place in a specific region of France, during the Ten Years war!

More infos on the product page here: