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Bouvines 1214

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Bouvines 1214

Hi all, I wanted to share a scenario I have been working on :) Altho the working name of the scenario is Bouvines the idea is to cover the whole of Anglo-French war of 1213-1214. The work is in kinda early stages but I wanted your feedback as early as possible.


Altho note that the map is missing off-map boxes for Burgundy and Holy Roman Empire as Otto IV has to come from somewhere :)


Looks great.  A period that has been almost entirely ignored in war games.



Wonderful style and art. Feel free to write to the main design assistant and developer for assistance, Alex.

Mail to :


Excellent thematic and great artworks. Will love to assist you if you need.

Quick remarks on the map: there might be too few regions if your scale (turn duration) is small. Also, don't make river flow in middle of regions (like your Loire in Angers), this will have no impact on the game. Rivers need to be the border of regions if you want them to play a role (in combat and/or movement).

I love your art style


Well the river issue comes from the older verison of the map that had more regions so there was no river in the middle of any of the regions. I made them bigger because I was afraid there wont be enough room for all the anchors as the original map is 3300px by 3460px. I could change the borders a bit or add new regions to fix the issue. As for the turn count I was thinking about 12 to 16 turns, thats maybe a bit much for the scale of the map but I gotta take into account all the sieges this kind of scenario needs :)


Hello everyone :)

I just wanted to share some updates and once again get your feedback.

First up updated map with added off map boxes

Some updated counters and some unit variations

And an idea for card fronts

Any and all criticism welcome :)