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Spain 1936

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Spain 1936

Cipriano MERA has been put with Durruti in Catalunia, despite Mera went out from jails in Madrid the 19th July 06h PM.

I launched AIvsAI and December 36 Madrid was down to Nationalists. Maybe bring Mera back here, so he helps the defense.

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Not exactly: Mera comes out as a replacement for Durutti (i.e. if Durutti is killed or removed for any reason, Mera will replace him). So if you see him in the game, it means Durutti was lost previously. Initially Durutti does appear in Catalonia...the AI may then move (and potentially lose) him elsewhere.

As an altrernative we could have Mera appear in Madrid and stay there for a while, OR we could have a Mera 'card' playable in Madrid that would boost the defense (we already have the 'No Pasaran' card which just does this, but is only one shot).

Feel free to provide other suggestions.

Or write to us directly by mail if need be (use )


I've seen both in same battle, but maybe Durruti just had died and Mera had just appeared next to his copse?

I understand your logic for Mera being successor of Durruti, it's not false (mainly for he was never seen a so traitor by anarchists despite his commandment, all others CNT head had failed), but republicans would never help the anarchists, moreover in Catalonia. Mera was 1st loyal to anarchist, but he was loyal to republic too in second, and republican would use this to prevent him in aiding the catananists: Mera saw he was usefull for the defense of Madrid, several times. Even, he was proposed being Colonel of Estremadura whole Army, what he refused. So, I think Mera would stay near Madrid, and he even stayed in the region when Durruti died.

Still, it's a wargame, where we make what-if, so the game must let Mera to start near Madrid, but sure it must not prevent the player from sending him in Catalonia if he wants! Just, it must be not made by game event.

So, what if Durruti dies? Nothing special I think (another, sure far less loved by common people, is elected as "spokeperson"), despite maybe an hypocritical sad message lol: Almost every political sides, even CNT, saw him as a big splinter in the foot (despite, or because?, AMHA he was among the few who saw what was to be done and tried to do it).

Ah! I would really dream about a discussion between them. I think Mera and Durruti were both right about militarization: the difference is the quality and quantity of militants was best in Catalonia than near Madrid. Both would shift a little their positions to have a common view. (I see it a little like in France in WW2 the possible difference between Gaullists and Petainists combattants : some who became so for being trapped, others for being able to flee)



I feel, so anarchists can never take Saragosa, that nationalists here have been overpowered, or/and maybe anarchists have been nerfed. With these forces, anarchists have no chance taking Saragosa, Nationalists directly go to Barcelona, they don't "wait" for more than a year, and this is same time Madrid can be taken.


But anarchists could take Saragosa, but republicans (from Madrid and Barcelona) treacherously halted them by all shadow means they could (influence on CNT leaders, forbidding ammo, orders to stop and wait, divert means to Mallorca). So, I think you're victim of the common republican propaganda of nowadays, and you can't see a game about the Spanish Civil War must have 3 sides:

  • "Republicans": Frente Popular (left republicans), communists (left fascists), and CNT head (possibilist "anarchists") and POUM head.
  • "Nationalists": mainly right republicans, and royalists, then agreeing being take over by a fascism,
  • "Anarchists": mainly the true revolutionnaries, CNT base, POUM base, anarchists and few leaders

Without this, you can't understand how republicans lost the war, and you try to compensate politics by changing the military forces:

Republicans can't openly fight anarchists, declare them as ennemies, because they need people for the war, so republicans let the strategical goals to nationalists, in order to be able to take them later. Like they did for Saragosa: republicans did all they can to prevent anarchists from taking it, but Republicans later didn't succeed in retaking it. A victory of anarchists is not a victory for republicans, so republicans let their communists to do the dirty war against anarchists, made all they can so they have no fighting forces (even steal them by 'militarization') and to brake their morale. Like they did for Barcelona: they let commies to destroy catalonia forces, then they took Barcelona. Nationalists had the war facilitated by republicans, who let them Saragosa and treacherously destroyed the true defenses of Catalonia and Barcelona.

If republicans could agree to share the victory with anarchists, they had a chance to win. But they didn't want so, as "republic can't be divided", so they prefered Franco to take the undivided whole Spain.


Or maybe a solution could be that the anarchist give you negative Victory Points when they capture an objective, what they take is lost for the republic, so they must not be used to take victory goals, and when they battle the republican VPs are halved, so you must do the biggest battle without them so ana doesn't take their share of victory... And you can change them to republic units by militarize them, but doing so is losing half of them (many had desert), so the timing of militarisation is not easy. Too, as Barcelona is anarchist, republic must take it back with militarized units to count in its VPs...

So, like in History, you have to let anarchists at the feet of Saragosa, even they might take it...

Good work lol

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All interesting remarks. At the moment it is not feasible to make a 3-sided simulation without a lot of changes and work, plus much more balancing. So we will stick with the "common" view of the war and let the Anarchist side with the Reps.

We can put some restrictions via cards to represent more the political infighting (e.g. anarchist units penalized in battle outside of Madrid or Catalonia) and we could have them 'cost' VP to the Republicans if they take losses (so the Reps will try not to use them unless he desperately needs them or is certain not to have them killed), but that would be counter-productive as you would see the Nats go after them to weaken the Reps score (while the Reps would have been 'happy' to get the Anarchist killed).  For now, the engine does not allow negative VPs for some limited units, it's an all or nothing situation.

So IMHO the best solution is to handle this by cards, distributed between Reps and Nats, with some of them having mandatory play.



I edited again my past message: I didn't want to mean anarchists destroyed units give negative points, but what ana units conquier counts as negative VPs for republicans, so if they succeed in taking Saragosa or other it counts against republican side.


Cipriano seems directly given along within the Durruti reinforcement near Barcelona, he does not appear near Madrid (he does not 'wait' here for the death of Durruti).