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Serbia 1914

Hi guys, 

Just bought Serbia 1914 scenario last night and and after 6 turns I can say that the gameplay is fantastic.

There are few cosmetic issues that deserve author's attention:

1. The large Entente flag is Montenegrin. A bit strange for scenario named 'Serbia 1914'.

Large Montenegrin (somewhat lighter blue colour and white eagle with spread wings) and Serbian (somewhat darker blue colour and white eagle with folded wings) flags are misslabeled in the game files. Small flags are labeled correctly.

2. The Serbian units' nationality identificator in unit counters' upper left corner is incorrect, showing the Albanian eagle with spread wings. It should be Serbian eagle with folded wings.

3. The Entente garrison (weakest) units are labeled "Milicija" which is inappropriate for this scenario's history period. Label "Žandarmerija" (Gendarmerie) will fit better.

4. At least one town name is mistyped (should be Prokuplje - the map's south edge).

I will let you know if find any other issues worth of attention. 

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Thanks. For the Serbian / Montenagrin eagles, could you send the right ones by email to ?


You already have the right ones. They are just incorrectly labeled in the scenario files ('... WAW/Scenarios/Serbia1914/Images/Nations' and 'WAW/Scenarios/Serbia1914 /Images/Scenario' ) : Flag_SRB is actually Montenegrin and Flag_MON is Serbian. Just compare with 'MapFlag_' files.