Coral Sea 1942l - Questions and Observations

Coral Sea 1942l - Questions and Observations

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Coral Sea 1942l - Questions and Observations

Played the scenario three times now, one time as the US, and two times as the Japanese.

US: - Transport of supplies from Noumea to Port Moresby:  Transport ships are unable to return to Noumea, because they don´t have enough movement points. 

Japanese: - Guadalcanal and Tulagi:  a) In both of my playthroughs there were supply units eleminated because of lack of supplies.

b) Card Play I: I'm not sure the combination of conquest and card play is working as intended. In both playthroughs I captured Guadalcanal and Tulagi and was getting victory points without playing the appropriate event cards.

- Port Moresby:  a) is it possible to conquer Port Moresby by land? In one playthrough I placed my land units in Salamaua, but couldn´t move them into one of the adjacent regions, until an event card allowed me to move them to the Owen Stanley region. There they were sitting until the end of the game, because they weren't allowed to enter the Port Moresby region and no other event card came up. In my second playthrough I conquered PM by a seaside invasion. Is this the only way to get to PM? 

b) around turn 10/11 all Allied ground units were eleminated because of lack of supplies. After PM was unsupplied it was easy to destroy the Allied Air units with the Japanese Bomber units.

- Card Play II:  Around turn 13/14 the AI played the Event Card "Operation RY is canceled", while I had OP RY successfully executed around turn 7/8.

- Scenario description: please add that also combat units are necessary to succesfully conquer Guadalcanal & Tulagi (not just Construction and Supply units).

- Overall:  a) its overly difficult to place Air Unit counters in occupied regions. I permanently got error messages and had to try several times to get my moves accepted. Its not fun to face this problem turn after turn.

b) AI seems overprotective of their CV units. In all playthroughs I never encountered them.

Thanks to the designer(s) for creating this scenario. Really appreciated.

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Many thanks for the praise and comments. We shall tell the scenario designer, our community memeber, to work out the necessary fixes as per your comments. Some replies below

US: yes, the move cost to reach Noumea from the outside is too high, will be toned down


* Tulagi/Guadalcanal: to avoid elimination via lack of supply, you should also disembark the supply markers, not only the land units. As for the VP we should see, I feel there are VP for holding the islands at end of the game, but may be it should be limited to the existence of structures there, not the mere occupation. Will check

* PM: it is WAD that you cannot reach the port by land. This is historically the reason why a seaborne invasion was planned by the Japs, they felt the land march was almost impossible. The non entry into PM should be fixed though if you are in an adjacent region, will check why. Lack of supplies elimination will be changed in the scenario (a new feature is now present with units weakened by lack of supplies but not outright elimination)

* Operation RY cancelled: the card did not check for previous occurence, needs fixing, but we should see how to do that.

* Overall: will make the addition in the scenario description. As for the placement of air units, it comes from the fact that the land region are way too small to allow easy handling of physical stacks... The map of this scenario should have been made larger in fact... should be a lesson for the future. If the designer is OK with it, we may have to redo the map.

* AI: yes, CV are of utmost value, so AI does or job to protect the assets that bring VP at end of's hard for her to understand they are also a potential attack weapon thanks to their plane...needs a bit more of tweaking here.