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Starting a mod?

Starting a mod?

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Starting a mod?

I'm wanting to work on a mod simulating the commando raid on St. Nazaire.  I've drawn my map, but how do I it get it into a project?  For that matter, how do I start a project?  When I try to start one, nothing ever seems to happen.  I click new project.  I'm asked for the location/file for my new project.  I click through the directories until I reach where I've setup a new file, click create and nothing happens, so I open the existing scenarios - New Projects- Classic Template, but I can't find how to add my map of the Normandie dock and surrounding area...just get a blank white field.


One other question please, what size in pixels should a map be roughly for a standard play length/sized scenario?  My map started at apporximately 4000x3000 pixles but seems a bit large.  I haven't been able to open any of the maps included in the basic bundle or Innsmouth 1928 for a reference.

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Hello Hueytucker

Nice to meet you! I'll try to answer your requests and questions..

Good idea about the Saint Nazaire raid... Have you checked the videos on our YouTube channel to start a mod (unfortunately for you in French) ?

Roughly to start a mod you need to use the editor and choose 'New', and the first thing the editor will ask you is to assign the mod's map. To do so, I would suggest you to proceed as follows:

* prepare your map somewhere on your PC (see below for size questions)

* when prompted to select the folder with the map, do the following: copy your map, then paste it in the Graphics/Mapbackgrounds folder of your mod.

If you have trouble with this, just send me the map by email and I will prepare the Mod's folder for you, and send it back by mail and/or download. Use the email address.

Map size for our standard scenarios are usually 4732x3342 pixels in landscape (or 3342x4732 in portrait)..looks like strange values, it used to be a good size for later portage on iPad...but in practice your map 4000x3000 would do's even smaller than ours...don't forget it is crucial to make your game's regions not too small, lest you would end up with a problem with manipulating stacks if too small

Feel free to ask any other questions





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Excellent, looking forward to getting started this weekend!