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Innsmouth 1928

Innsmouth 1928

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Innsmouth 1928

To discuss gameplay and design questions about this scenario



(Sorry can't figure out, how to post screenshots)

"Stay away. This is US territory." Probably just a graphical glitch, as the seazone is treated like a land region. 


Here I wanted to move my loaded sea transporters, but didn't get access, because they were covered by the Marine unit. 

Save files are available if needed.

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Indeed, the flag looks like a bug, it happens during some particular naval combats, we'll check it out. For sure a glitch

Yes, the second issue is also known when the map region is too small (the land unit is partly 'hiding' the naval units during the naval phase). But, normally, during the Naval Phase, if your marines are 'on board', they should not pop up as only naval units pop... will check that ergonomy issue too

Lucas Slavik

Hey, here just a small bug repport:

I've finished Innsmouth today for the 1st time. Played USA, Deep Ones controlled by AI.

I couldn't advance that fast and lost some important battles, still at turn 15, I had 7VP vs. 0.

I should have won while no other victory condition was matched by both sides. But at the end-game screen, it was showed that the Deep Ones won a pyhrric victory with 0 VP (-35%) against me (7 VP).

Of course, I KNOW I have won, but it's kind of frustrating if the game doesn't recognize my victory. Due that, I suggest to fix this bug soon :) 

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OK, noted your remark. Will check that out for future fixes