Richard III v.1.0 - Ready for Beta-testing

Richard III v.1.0 - Ready for Beta-testing

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Richard III v.1.0 - Ready for Beta-testing

Hey guys,

Damien speaking, developer of the Block Engine and happy to announce that Richard III - War of the Roses is now feature-complete and ready for a heavy phase of Beta-testing on Steam.

What's still missing ? Well, the AI require more iteration time, game rules might not be clearly explained yet (via hint or tutorial screens), and additional visual and audio feedback might be needed here and there... Of course, you might also find some bugs along the way.

So may you find any confusing part, AI mistake (even obvious ones) or bug, please let us know about it. Every feedback is really appreciated to help with the completion of the project! Thanks a lot.

It's the first game of the Columbia Games series to reach a state with all the main rules in place, stay tuned for news on the completion of the others...