Possible bugs

Possible bugs

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Possible bugs

Playing on Mac, version 1.1


Caesar vs AI

- pdf rules button does not work (already reported, no big deal, the pdf file is installed)

- AI levels are Defensive/Agressive/Balanced and not Normal/Agressive/Balanced as it says in the manual.

- I control Mare Internum with 1 ship. I intend to move Caesar and a legion from Brundisium to Ambracia. I can, but only if moved separately. I am not allowed to move Caesar and the legion together in a single move (I had 3 MP available)

- will have to test more but sometimes my units are "pinned" and cannot move although no enemy is in the same region. This may occur if I try to move from a region to where I moved other units, to a region from which the enemy moved away.  I have sufficient MP but get the message "units are pinned". I will try to reproduce this error...

Are there some other reason for units to get pinned besides enemy units being present in the same region ?



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Thanks, will check the AI stuff during work on it next week. Regarding the pinned issue, this is how is implemented the way to make sure levies are built "last" (as per boardgame rule) and that you need 1 unit in the region to allow that.  If you don't levy in the region, your units won't be pinned at all. But for each levy you do there, 1 unit will