Blocks! Hammer of the Scots on Steam notes

Blocks! Hammer of the Scots on Steam notes

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Blocks! Hammer of the Scots on Steam notes

I've just played a few games with the Early Access build. There are a lot of UI issues and bugs, but I suppose there should be, given that it's Early Access. 

I've posted this in the Steam forum as well.


1. Hard crash when starting a game with the British.

2. Sometimes the UNDO button appears, sometimes it doesn't

3. What are the numbers in superscript above the shields? There should only be one number in the area: the Castle/Cathedral limit. But on this map there are two sets of numbers, and that is very confusing for Wintering.

4. HERALD card is broken:

a. There isn't even a roll. A block either doesn't change (roll failed) or it changes sides automatically (roll succeeds).

b. The card text doesn't state (as the physical card text does) what the die roll consists of. Why not?

c. the AI freaks out when successful play of the Herald card creates a battle. It simply doesn't know what to do. I had to retreat my units out to continue the game.

5. Blocks frequently cover up numbers and names of areas.

6. Nobles who are trapped with no place to retreat frequently simply surrender rather than fight it out. Sometimes they are added to the area in their new allegiance, sometimes they are added to the pool, which they should not be.

7. Why don't blocks "blow up" visually, as I remember they do in Blocks! Richard III?

8. Reserve blocks often take hits, even though this is illegal.

9. The Sea move card, like the Piracy card in Richard III, works but it might confuse new players. The card insists you move the units one at a time, not together.

10. Sometimes AI A blocks forget to fire. This is an issue in Richard III as well.

11. Players should control where the steps from VICTUALS and PILLAGE go for their blocks, not the AI.

12. As in Richard III, Reserve blocks should have their own clearly demarcated space on the battle board. It's too easy to get confused by blocks on the board.

13. As with Richard III, UNDO often sends you back to the Main Menu.

14. Wallace, the French Knights, the Hobelars, and the Norse are permanently eliminated if they are killed in battle, but there is no black cross on the blocks themselves, and when I lost Wallace in battle, he was not permanently eliminated.


15. The process of Wintering in this version of HotS is very confusing and needs a lot of work.

16. The Levy button is not very secure, and it should really be plus and minus. The problem is currently that if you add steps to a block and then click the block again, you lose your steps with no recourse. Also, it should be very clear how many steps per area you have to add, so you can spend them on steps, new builds, or both.

17. When disbanding, only highlight the provinces where disbanding needs to occur, and highlight the non-Noble blocks that need to disband. There is too much room for confusion and frustration currently.

18. Highlight the areas where Bruce and Comyn can go, so players don't spend extra time searching all over the map.

19. For Wallace, instead of wintering in Selkirk or "Stay here", name and highlight the area Wallace is in. Make it easy for players.

20. In general with Wintering, the overall Replacement Point count matters much less than the Replacement Point count in each area, Cathedrals included. Example: "3 RPs in Mentieth" "1 in Carrick" "2 + 1 in Fife."

21. The game allows Edward 1 to Winter in Scotland for two consecutive winters.