Carrier Battles 4 Tech Issue - PC version from Steam

Carrier Battles 4 Tech Issue - PC version from Steam

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Carrier Battles 4 Tech Issue - PC version from Steam

Awesome looking game.  Having some issues playing it though.


It would seem the game is getting some imput that effects the menus and on screen map.  Menu's automatically scroll up but are selectable and the game map will move to the bottom right of the screen automatically.  That will not change, making the game unplayable at the moment.  

I'm wondering is there a fix for that?


Thank you.  Looking forward to playing this game.  Looks awesome.


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Those issues you mention sometimes happen when external elements such as paddles, joysticks, wheel, graphic paletts etc... are plugged-in on your PC. We are working on the issues. If this is the uncase, unplug those peripherical elements (only keep the mouse, that"s all you need) and restart, it should fix everything.


Thank  you.  Input was coming from a joystick device.  Removing all the devices except for the printer worked.  Once again.  Thank you.

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Also if the previous answer do not work, try to click with the mouse on the windows taskbar once the game has been launched This workaround is perfect for a lo tof players


Thank you.


How do I get updates or patches for Carrier Battles?

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Go to games. Then select the game you suspect has an update. Then select downloads. if there is an update/patch it will be there.


Regarding the updated / patch for the most current version, I went to Game / Downloads and I am not finding it in there. By the way, the game gets usually frozen on my computer at the beginning of the second day on the Eastern Solomons and Watchtower scenarios.