Siege of Diu 1538

Siege of Diu 1538

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Siege of Diu 1538

Siege of Diu 1538



Diu 1538 is the story of one of the most important sieges in the history of the Portuguese foundation of the "Estado da Índia", while also being the first battle that would open the Ottoman-Portuguese conflicts of the XVI century. The Portuguese forces most hold out specially in their newly built Diu Fortress for the arrival of reinforcements from Goa while the Ottoman-Gujarat forces must take said fort to assert their dominance in the Indian continent.


The Portuguese side is composed of few small detachments of veteran soldiers from the Indian campaigns, protected by their European-style bulwarks and artillery they hope to resist for as long as they can... With the siege growing even more desperate they can expect a few unskilled citizen groups to come to their aid.


The Ottoman-Gujarat forces are superior in numbers but their distrust for one another might prove fatal in the earlier turns from the actions of the Janissary detachments, they must weather out constant bombardments from Portuguese cross-fire forts or their naval support and be sure to overhelm their enemies with their numbers. With the progress of the siege sappers will be brought in to weaken the defensive structures allowing the Ottomans to eventually exploit a breach.


11 turns representing the siege from the 4th of September to 1st of November 1938, so logistic/supply system, Economic phase (still in the works, perhaps 3 in total for each side every 3 days), can not recruit lost units.


Base production for both factions is around 6 each with the Portuguese having the advantage of a small stream of supplies coming from Goa to help with the siege every 3 turns. The Ottomans are hampered by the sabotage of a few Gujarat nobles that do not wish to mantain a decent supply out of fear that the Ottomans might replace them as the local rulers, forcing them to govern themselves with the few supplies they brought along, sacking the city could prove to be a good source of income yet very damaging to the VP of a player.


This will be my first attempt at trying the editor so I decided to go for a smaller scenario in the form of a short siege (around 11 turns), will keep you updated as for now my major difficulties will be the artwork and finding a good balance between the factions (while also trying to make a siege as interesting as possible).


Portuguese forces are distributed as follows:


1- António da Silveira (3 star commander) 2 Aventureiros ( 2 life points) 4 Arquebusiers (2 life points)

2-Martim Afonso de Sousa(2 star commander) 1 Aventureiro (2 life points) 2 arquebusiers (2 life points)

3- Francisco Pacheco(1 star commander), Arquebusiers (1 life point), Pikemen(1 life point)

4- Antonio Sousa Coutinho (1star commander) 1 Arquebusier (1 life point)

3 Bulwarks (Bunker like structures with (?) health points each)

3 spread across the moat in front of the initial portuguese starting positions:  

Baluarte de Santiago

Baluarte de São Tomé

Baluarte da Barra


2 Fortlets (bunker like structures with (?) health points each)

Fortim to Mar


1 Wall connecting the 2 frontall bulwarks ( with ? health points)

Muralha da Fortaleza

Naval Forces:

4 Fustas



To give a bit more context:

The objective of the Ottoman players is to conquer the main fort at the city of Diu (marked in dark orange) with the two other fortlets providing a better situation to achieve that objective.

The Ottoman player will have their units spawn in the 2 green areas, allowing him to launch earlier assaults on the "Vila dos Rumes" in the North as it happened in real life. Most of the Gujarat allies and some jannissaries will appear in the green area in the city but very quickly will begin sacking the city resulting in an halt in the cooperation with the Gujarat princes (as these began to distrust the Ottoman forces upon watching them pillage the city they had been sent to protect). After the conquest of the Village of the Rumes (that if it has not happened by turn 5 an automatic card will trigger the surrender to simulate the actual eventual surrender of the fortlet during the irl siege), the Ottoman troops will be able to travel back to the main city (an effect caused by the same card but in the Ottoman side) and join the forces together in the main assault.

However not all is done, the Portuguese have built a naval sea wall out of sharpened logs with the only possible way to enter the zone surrounding the fortress blocked by a chain drawn out from the fort to the Sea Fort. It is a dangerous operation to try and take the small sea fort but breaking the chain could allow the Ottomans to scale the walls and take the Portuguese by surprise.

Eventually Ottoman sappers will manage to breach a random wall (card event delivered on turn 8) allowing them to exploit such a breach, would the Portuguese player have prepared for such an event with a considerable amount of barricades? (possible card that allows the construction of 2 barricades). If things do not work even after the breach the Ottomans will try one last desperate push, placing all they can into their final attack (Turn 10 event card).

The Portuguese must weather out the various attacks and carefully use all the tools in their arsenal to assure the defence of their walls. The Sea Fort will be able to deliver a bombardment (every/2 turns? Still undecided if this should be a card or an event card that stays on till the fort is conquered) that can help with weakening the enemy forces, is all hope lost if the bastions fall? Should the population inside of the Feitoria pick up arms to help in the defence, perhaps even the women should join?

The newly built fort is well stocked with artillery and strong bastions/walls, supplies are enough to weather out the siege and some turns some small craft from Goa will come to deliver some more supplies, perhaps even an additional unit. Whatever they might throw at us you must remember the fort must not fall.


I will be adding in the future the units that the Ottomans will have at their disposal, alongside any future updates while I familiarize with the editor. Do you guys enjoy those options given at the start that function a bit like an "alt-history" scenario? Providing benefits at a certain cost, in this case it could be small things like starting with barricades for the Portuguese, more naval crafts for the Ottomans, etc.


This is a very good idea for a scenario indeed. Please do not hesitate to send us an email for assistance (we will write to you to give us our coordinates)