Coral Sea Observations

Coral Sea Observations

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Douglas Gold
Coral Sea Observations

I am a Pacific War history buff, having read many books and played most board and PC Pacific War games. Having played the Coral Sea campaign a few times, I have some comments.

It appears that the air to sea combat results are too low. Most aircraft have 2, 3 or 4 CFs, so to hit, they need to roll a modified 1,2 or 3. There should be higher chances to hit for air vs naval - so there can be a decent chance of a fatal loss result, such as happened at Midway.

This also goes for naval vs naval attacks - the CFs are too low, so there is never a decisive naval battle - where many of the enemy ships were sunk, as happened to the USN in some of the surface battles off Guadalcanal.

What is worse, correct me if I am wrong, is that the defender always applies the hits, not the attacker. This means that as long as a TF with one or more CVs, has some throwaway ships like DDs and CLs to take the hits, it is impossible to hit or sink a CV, by air or naval attack. In real lie, the attacker picked the targets for attacks  - such as naval air targeting CVs in a TF, rather than DDs. 

Similarly, enough DD and CL units can always soak up all hits in surface battles, in lieu of the hits being applied to the more valuable BB and CA units.

Even an option to randomize the hits to be applied to the defenders air, ground and naval units,would be preferable to the defender always being able to choose the least effective unit to take a hit.

Otherwise, this is an outstanding scenario for WAW.

Can these two game aspects be edited in the Game Editor?

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All your points are 100% valid Douglas. May I suggest that, if you want, you create a list of values changes so we can implement them, send you the modified level and you change it.

What cannot be changed, unfortunately, is the way combat is handled in WAW. In particular it's not in the game engine to let the attacker choose targets, so there is no way to "edit" this, contrary to data values. At best what could be done would be to have some (rare) cards allowing to inflict hits on a selected enemy target.

To be clear, WAW as it is now is NOT designed to handle naval warfare in a historically realistic way. It does the job, but with many lilmitations. if you want to see a more precise game, then try our Carrier Battles game on the same subject.

In the future plans for WAW evolution, we have in mind to include some improvements for the war at sea, such as ranges, target selection, torpedoes, evasion and a few other necessary elements. But that won't come before some time, as for now we focus on more content.

Clearly, Coral Sea was a foray in the air-sea-land battle of WW2 Pacific and some items work well (based on the limitations of the WAW engine), while other feel a bit less realistic.

Douglas Gold

Thanks for your detailed and timely response.

Could you eventually implement a randomized system of combat hits and panics for air/naval, or all units? This would be an improvement over the currrent system - where the defender alway hits and panics the weakest units, whihc is un-historical. Attackers tended to target the stronger units, if they had good enough odds to cause losses. This change would go a long way to replicate historical combat results in WaW.

I was hoping that WaW's engine could be suitable for other campaigns focussed on air/naval - such as Midway, or an entire Solomon's campaign.

My suggestion for the Coral Sea campaign, to make the combat results more deadly and historical, would be to add 2 to the CF of each air and naval combat unit (not support untis), and 1 to the CF of each land unti.

I noticed that for air units such as Kate and Val, which have muliple sets of differning attack/defence values, for air to air, air to naval, and air to ground, the same water (?) symbol is shown in front of each set of combat values. Therefore I have to guess at which set of values is correct for each type of target. Could you fix this so that there is a land, air and sea symbol shown in front of each set of attack/defence values?

I do have the Carrier Battles 4 Guadacanal game for IOS and PC, which I am learning again and enjoying..

Douglas Gold

My opinion, instead of cranking out a new land campaign evrey month, is that you should consider my suggested engine coding change:

Either the defender's panics and hits are applied randomly, or they are applied by the opposing player.

This will open up the possible set of new campaigns to better campaigns with air and naval units.

I would be willing to beta test such a change for you. I am a retired software tester, and have beta tested many PC computer games over the last 30 years.