Can,t seem to download game

Can,t seem to download game

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Can,t seem to download game

Hii Looks like a great game cant wait to get going .Brought about 3 days ago and i go to download form this website.All goes well till i get to about 430mb and then it wants to install ,it has finished apparently .But when i go to install the file is coruppted.

I dont think it has downloaded the whole file because that is 603mb i think.I have now tried 4 times .i do have a very slow hub connection at home so it takes about 2 hours  or would to download hole file.

I also have tried 2 times to download game manual  this also downloads and does not open because not all the file has downloaded .I have managed to download the editor manual. thanks

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Hi Dell

We could send you a WeTransfer link with the game download, but not sure it would help you get the game either if the matter is linked to your connection or bandwith. Another option would be to grant you a Steam key if you can play on Steam. Or we could surface mail you a CD with the game installer (in which case contact us via mail and send us your surface postal mail adress in the UK)

Mail me to: