Struggles with the interface - Card play

Struggles with the interface - Card play

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Struggles with the interface - Card play

This one is a puzzler for me. The game tells me I am required to play a card for reinforcements, but I cannot play the card. I wish I knew how to add a picture to show this.

I will work on it and report back if I understand.


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FYI to post an image to the forum, the usual way is to host your image on a free hosting service, like IMGUR for instance. Once your image is uploaded there, you copy paste from them the 'forum link' they provide, and you put it inside your message here.

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To get familiar with the WaW engine maybe you should see some videos, in our channel for example, just to see how it is, some Battles For Spain videos could be useful.

Here is one from Richard Yorke

I know it is not Libertadores but has things in common ( a lot)